Erasmus+ project

TAPROOM project implies an innovative vocational training process to support the development of organic and craft beer in Europe, integrating into a common curriculum all aspects of development of organic production and promotion of organic and craft beers, including farming techniques, production methods, marketing, communications, ethics & social responsibility, as well as bridging with art and cultural heritage.

The main project objectives are to:

  • Provide beer producers & professionals with multidisciplinary training materials, complementary of the agronomic education.
  • Enable specific knowledge in the EU beer makers to promote organic & craft techniques.
  • Meet the needs of breweries & craft-beer-makers for tailored-made training on production.
  • Support beer makers entering the organic & craft beer market & boost the growth potential.
  • Encourage the application of organic farming and production approaches.
  • Promote use of sustainable agricultural methods.
  • Facilitate cooperation and technical transfers among European countries and European stakeholders.
  • Remind & develop awareness that the beer is part of the cultural, gastronomic heritage of countries.


TAPROOM results expect to cover the needs for new, multidisciplinary, experience-oriented and user-friendly approaches for development of professional competences of farmers, agronomists and breweries in production of organic and craft beers, at partner’s national context and at EU level.

Via TAPROOM project outcomes accomplishment we expect to raise awareness of the EU and local community on the value and importance of the intangible cultural heritage of the brewery traditions.

Intellectual Outputs

TAPROOM successfully accomplished the following outputs:

Tailored Learning Model, Multidisciplinary Training course, Manual for trainers for course conduction, E-learning Platform with Interactive repository section, Guidebook on certification of organic & craft beer production & marketing.

Project works and produced materials aimed at to transfer at national and EU levels of know-how and experience on beer production & marketing.

Project Beneficiaries

If YOU are breweries, craft beer-makers willing to engage in conversion to organic but lacking integrated training with detailed steps of the process OR recognize yourselves as potential entrepreneurs who do not come from the agricultural world and have not gone through the traditional agricultural training systems willing to become beer producer, register to the TAPROOM online training and undergo the course. The Course is suitable also for trainers from VET institutions and training providers who are active in the field of Agri and processing sector.


Project Partnership

Malta Business Bureau

The MBB represents the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) in Brussels and Malta.

Out of the Box International

Out of the Box International is European Network bringing together different organisations advocating for a more innovative, citizen-centered and solidar policies on European and city level.

GAL Molise Verso

GAL Molise is established with the aim of conceiving, implementing and managing initiatives in the field of local development, consisting of a public-private partnership with public bodies, trade associations and SMEs.

AVA Creations Foundation

Foundation AVA Creations is a Bulgarian NGO working actively in the field of European cooperation in education and training, including vocational training.


The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce is an association of companies, freelancers and institutions to promote commercial relations between Italy and the German-speaking market.

E-learning Platform

  • E-Learning TAPROOM Platform

    Online learning platform, with comprehensive and user-friendly outlook and navigation that hosts the TAPROOM Training course modules on organic farming towards organic beer and craft beers production; marketing and promotion of beer, culture engaged with the gastronomic and landscape heritage of the region, examples of using beer culture & create interest &  promotion of the region through its beer culture & their historical influence and interconnections; etc. E-learning environment provides a lot of interactivity between the training course and the other resources. Available free of charge.

  • Interactive repository section

    Specific section set as databank within the Platform with various resources provided by the partners from each partnership country – both interactive and passive materials – for both the trainer and the trainees, on the topic of organic farming, beers making – organic and craft, cultural heritage, beer festivals, tourism, etc. This section also contains self-preparatory tests, activities, case studies, videos for the trainees and additional learning materials on the topics.

  • Accessibility

    • Free registration
    • Multilingual platform available on five languages: English, French, German, Italian, Bulgarian.
    • Based on open source environment, used various media – text, audio, video, chat, etc.
    • Personalized accounts for learners and trainers, with access 24/7 to specific online training.
    • Reaching out different user groups – project partners, all beer producers who have an interest in organic and craft beer production, trainers, mentors, agricultural associations, Erasmus+ projects consortiums.
  • Access The Platform


Project Materials and Results

All training modules and materials created under TAPROOM project can be downloaded after a simple registration within the E-learning Platform. Download the intellectual outputs OI3 & IO5:



EU Countries








TAPROOM Project target partners and stakeholders, who found our project results really applicable on the market, tailored to respond to farmers and entrepreneurs’ needs in order to start growing & producing organic and craft beer, with focus on marketing and that emphasis the beer culture.

See their comments and feedback:

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