GAL Molise introduced TAPROOM Project

The European project TAPROOM, financed with funds from the Erasmus + Program, aims to offer an innovative methodology of professional training to support the development of organic and craft beer in Europe, integrating all aspects of the development of organic production into a common curriculum: agricultural techniques, methods of production, marketing, communication, ethics and social responsibility, as well as the connection with art and heritage.
The EU organic market has been experiencing strong growth in demand and production over the past 10 years. However, the different courses offered by the vocational training centers are too generic and do not have a specific focus on beer production or the methodologies required for craft beer production. Farmers and entrepreneurs who do not have the time or the opportunity to take a full course to start growing and producing organic beer, therefore, do not have any other viable training options in their communities.

Goals: The TAPROOM project aims to improve the competitiveness of beer producers and encourage the entry of new entrepreneurs in this sector, inserting them in a training course completely dedicated to beer and organic agriculture.


  • Molise towards 2000 scarl (Italy)
  • AVA Creations Foundation (Bulgaria)
  • German-Italian Chamber of Commerce (Germany)

Project Duration: 31/12/2020 – 30/12/2022

GAL Molise: